Spotlight: Calgary Allied Mobile Palliative Program (CAMPP)

“We can’t save them. But for many homeless Calgarians who die from chronic conditions and without access to care, what we can do is provide a bit of dignity…. At this moment in time, a dignified death is not a reality for most in this population,” said Dr. Simon Colgan, a Calgary physician who started CAMPP.

CAMPP began as a two-person team in October 2016 with Rachael Edwards, a registered nurse, and Dr. Simon Colgan, a palliative care physician. They identified a gap in our health care system; people who are homeless are not getting enough follow up and support for their pain and final stages of their life. CAMPP hopes to address this problem through advocacy, education and action.

“[We] build relationships with people in the community so that they can die where they want to die, essentially. In comfort,” said Rachael Edwards.

Join us on October 28th!  Donate or purchase tickets to the Rich Man, Poor Man event here.

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