Spotlight: Student Run Clinic

Proceeds from this year’s event will be going to three amazing organizations in the global community! We will be featuring each of these organizations leading up to the event to shed light on the important work they are doing and how your support can help further their efforts.


The Student Run Clinic was started by University of Calgary medical students and provides services to marginalized populations at 3 sites located throughout Calgary.



What inspired the SRC to be formed?

The Calgary Student Run Clinic (SRC) was started as an effort to offer medical services to underserved populations in the Calgary area and to offer unique teaching experiences to medical students. The SRC was started by the 2011 and 2012 medical school classes and the management and care of the SRC continues to be passed on to each new medical class!

What difference is SRC making in the global community?

The SRC currently provides healthcare services on a weekly basis to the residents at Inn from the Cold (IFTC), which is the largest family shelter in Calgary. Our student clinicians also work with physicians at the Alex Bus and the Mosaic Refugee Clinic. There are many opportunities for all of us to improve the healthcare system, and we are hopeful that the SRC is doing its part to address some of the gaps that exist in allowing individuals to access healthcare services.

How will funds raised from the Rich Man, Poor Man dinner help further your efforts?

We are incredibly appreciative of all the support that the Rich Man, Poor Man (RMPM) fundraiser has given SRC over the last few years. The funds raised allow us to be operational and be able to acquire all the supplies and tools that we need to be as effective as possible in providing healthcare services and health promotion initiatives to the populations that we serve. Funds from this year’s RMPM will not only allow us to continue to provide services, but also look at opportunities for expansion and increasing our scope to better serve the underserved in Calgary.


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