Spotlight: The Calgary Student Run Clinic (SRC)

The Calgary Student Run Clinic works to improve access to healthcare for volunerable populations in Calgary, working in three different locations: Inn from the Cold, The Alex Bus, and Refugee Health Clinic. We have been proud to partner with The Student Run Clinic for the past 9 years and will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Clinic this year.

What inspired SRC to be formed?

The University of Calgary Student Run Clinic was started by the Kakapo (2011) and Blobfish (2012) classes with the aid of Dr. Janette Hurley. The clinic started out of the medical clinics at the Calgary Drop-In Centre on Tuesday evenings, offering medical services to underserved populations and unique teaching experiences to medical students. What inspired SRC to be formed is a desire to help underserved populations in Calgary as well as to provide a different perspective to medicine for medical students.

What difference is SRC making in the local community?

The SRC is an initiative aimed at providing accessible, quality healthcare for Calgary’s underserved populations. With physician and student volunteers delivering primary care services, it aims to increase access to medical care, provide disease management and preventative medicine, health counselling and education, social and community services, while training medical students in the delivery of primary care services.

How will funds raised from the Rich Man, Poor Man dinner help further your efforts?

Funds will be used to purchase clinic supplies and help us become independent by having our own EMR system. This will allow us to do extensive research into our operations, both in terms of teaching medical students but also to assess the patient experience and satisfaction. We will also use our funds to continue to help operate our health workshops for our patients that talk about a variety of health topics including mental health, addiction and chronic disease prevention.

Join us next Saturday, Oct 28th for the Rich Man, Poor Man Dinner & Silent Auction.

The Calgary Student Run Clinic Executive Team 2017
The Calgary Student Run Clinic Executive Team 2017